Social Media Coaching

Improve your own social media management skills

You feel confident managing your own social media page, but you do feel that you’re not using it to its full potential. You like to create posts, but it happens quite often that you run out of ideas. You regularly post something on your page, but you actually don’t have a plan. However, you do like to keep to social management within your control as you have the time (or staff) for it. Just a bit of social media coaching, guidance, direction and training will get you on the right track. How about we have a chat?

How does the social media coaching service work?

Social Media Coaching is a very tailored package. I want to support you and your business in the areas you will receive most benefit from. Whether it’s strategy and planning, content creation, monitoring or tracking results: we will take a deep dive into what you need most to make sure that you feel confident managing your own page and most of all: have fun with it! Depending on what you need I’ll create a customized plan.

Social Media Coaching

What will it bring me?

For who is social media coaching?

For any small business owner what wants to be hands-on with their own social media page. But also for employees who have been given the responsibility of managing the business’ page!

What's in it?

  • A meeting in which you tell me everything about your business and the areas of your social media you need assistance in.
  • An audit of your Facebook and Instagram page.
  • A jam-packed session in which we: (1) will go in-depth into the ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram, and (2) focus on the key areas you need assistance with.
  • A wrap up email including a tailored social media action plan for you to work with.
  • After a month, a final meeting to check how you're getting along implementing the things learned.

Monthly recurring check-up

Do you need a big stick to stay motivated, to streamline your work or to talk about new ideas for your social media? Why not upgrade the package with a monthly recurring coaching session!

In this 60-minute session we will look back at your posts from the previous month, discuss your results and tracking and talk about your posts for the coming month.

Would you like me to coach you?