Content Creation

In order to maintain a professional online brand identity, high quality pictures and videos are a must.

Every time you want to make a picture of that beautiful latte art you created, the coffee already starts to look ugly. You would love to show your accommodation to the world, but what kind of pictures can you put on your socials? As beautiful as your accommodation may be, bombing your timeline with pictures of a nicely made bed becomes quite boring over time. After a full day of taking your clients on their biking activity, you wind down on your sofa and scroll through your pictures. You didn’t take many as you were so occupied taking care of your clients. And if that wasn’t enough already, you find out that the ones you took are all blurry and on pretty much every picture there’s someone that has his eyes closed. Can you relate to any of these situations? Don’t stress about it anymore, I’m here to help!​

How does the content creation package work?

Depending on your social media management package and your type of business, we create a content update add on. As there are many variables influencing this update, we will tailor this add on for your business. Some businesses prefer a monthly recurring content update, where once every three months would suit better for other businesses.

Price starting from $300+GST, excluding travel costs from Twizel.

What if I only want this package?

You are managing your own social media accounts, but you’re struggling with the content creation itself. Of course I can help you! Reach out to me and I will send you an offer for a tailored package.

Content Creation Portfolio

Below you’ll find some of the content that I’ve created for clients.

Would you like to uplift your content?