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Strategy | Content Creation | Platform Management | Photography

Murray and Jackie bought Musterer’s Accommodation Fairlie in 2018. They’re mostly running the accommodation by themselves. Taking bookings, checking guests in and out, cleaning, gardening, getting the hottubs ready, administration. You name it. Therefore social media always ended up at the bottom of their list. Next to this, they were struggling with what they actually had to post on social media and when.

The accommodation now shows consistency on their social media platforms with professional photography and a tone of voice, all based on a clear strategy. No more stress about what to post and when. We line out the calendar in advance, include upcoming sponsorings and plan the posts ahead of time.

Strategy | Content Creation | Platform Management | Paid Social Media Advertising | Photography | Website design | Website Maintenance | Newsletter Marketing

As a hospitality business owner there’s a lot of plates spinning. Troy knew social media is an important platform in today’s world, but somehow it always ended up on the bottom of his priority list. And posting something on social media seemed to be a last-minute and stressful task which was often forgotten.

MOW Bar & Eatery now has a clear strategy with goals in order to grow it’s social media and make full use of it. Using professional photography, MOW distincts itself from it’s competitors and becomes a MUST DO during a Twizel visit.

Strategy | Content Creation | Platform Management | Paid Social Media Advertising | Google Ads Advertising | Website Maintenance | Newsletter Marketing

Michelle came to me as she was struggling with the marketing of her company. Being a legal expert, she had no idea how to market her business to her target audience. Moreover, as a business owner, full time employee, mum and wife, she simply didn’t have time for it!

Together we found the pain points and started to create solutions for it. We created a marketing strategy and are ready to make this business booming!