Newsletter Marketing

Let's keep your target audience engaged with your business

Newsletters help you building a relationship with your potential, current and past guests and clients. It keeps them informed and it’s a great way to increase brand awareness. Consistently sending a newsletter keeps your target audience engaged with your business. But as much as you would love to send out a newsletter every month, you have no clue what to write or how to make it look good. Together we can make your brand top of mind with your target audience.​

How does the newsletter marketing service work?

This package is completely depending on the kind of business you have and therefore should be tailored to your needs. First, I need to get to know your business and your business needs. What kind of business do you have, how much relevant news could you bring your customers, clients or guests?

Then I’ll work out an email marketing strategy. We’ll look at your goals and objectives, your target audience and competitors. Have you already sent newsletters in the past? And how often will we start sending your newsletters from now on?

The program we’ll use is Mailchimp. Depending on whether you already have an account or not, we need to sign you up or update your account. I will create a standard email marketing template which will be the default template for each newsletter. 

An important note to this package is that I will definitely need your input too! What would you like to tell your customers? What news and updates can we give them? Together we’ll create 4-5 main subjects which recur every time we send a newsletter.

We will regularly catch up to go through all the subjects for the coming newsletter. After this session, I will set up the whole newsletter and send it to you for a final check. Once happy, we can send it out to your client list at the beginning of the next month.

Of course I also track the statistics and results: What days and times do we have the highest open rates, what subjects add most value for the reader etc.

What's in the newsletter marketing service?

Newsletter Marketing Service

Is there more?

As email marketing is so highly personalized, we can always tailor the package. We could for instance add a ‘birthday template’ as extra newsletter which we can send out with a special offer on someone’s birthday.

Also, newsletters are not only about text. Visuals are very important too. Sometimes stock photos will do the job, but when it comes to pictures of products, staff or events, you will have to deliver some images to go with the text in your newsletter. Don’t have any pictures? Don’t worry! We can discuss the situation and see if I can help you out here with some content creation!

Would you like to keep you target audience informed?